"The new face of Infinity Jazz"

"The Rhythm Jets are the new face of Infinity Jazz with a fusion of sound that crosses musical genres and delivers something special for everyone."

Mil Cannon - Legendary Producer/ Director

"This band is the real deal."

"I had no idea what to expect when I went to see the Rhythm Jets play at the Velvet Note outside of Atlanta.  This band is the real deal.  They exude so much passion and fun, and their tight connection to their music flows out of their souls into their instruments when they play.  There is so much energy in the room, yet you feel so relaxed and at peace at the same time.  They blend a great mixture of upbeat latin and island elements with soothing melodies that is very unique, and is sure to stir up a heightened sense of joy to all who hear them play.  They partnered with Mercy Myra, and when she took the stage, the band took on a different energy.  Their synergy is special, and it just works.  The Kenyan influence blended magically with their original sound, and it was amazing to watch as well as listen.  Both Mercy Myra and the Rhythm Jets are SERV Supporting artists – they put a purpose behind their music.  So not only are they great musicians, they have big hearts too. They are giving back and making a difference through song, and impacting thousands of lives in the process.  It doesn’t get much better than that!"

Cathi Lindsey - Donor Relations, SERV International

"Our new summer kickoff staple!"

"We got our summer cranked up last weekend by taking some neighbors to see a Rhythm Jetts show. We had been wanting to hang out and catch up with our friends, and that's just what we did over the weekend. The atmosphere and music the Rhythm Jets play was perfect to be able to get into the summer mood and still be able to talk to our friends. It's a show that relaxes you and takes you to another place. It's definitely our new summer kickoff staple!"

Andre Riedlinger - Business Development, Momentus Marketing